Employment Resources has a management team with well over one hundred years of experience in the serving individuals with disabilities. Founded in 1988, Employment Resources has a commitment to customized supports so people can lead successful, fulfilling lives.

As the economy continues its recovery, and employment numbers are increasing, an overwhelming 13 million Americans with disabilities remain unemployed. Since 1988, Employment Resources has worked to improve the employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities by providing employers with talented and well-trained individuals. We empower individuals with disabilities to show their abilities and live better lives through solid careers. To date, Employment Resources has placed individuals with disabilities in many large and small companies. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma has a strong presence in Oklahoma at this time.

Brian Waddell, the founder of Employment Resources, Inc. believes that all people with disabilities should live and work through customized competitive employment and through community supports.


Our Mission

ERI’s Mission is to empower people to live better and more productive lives by providing community employment and residential supports services that are customized to meet their needs.

Our Vision

At Employment Resources, our vision is to be a company that positively impacts change, resulting in good careers and improving the home lives of people with disabilities. This means:

  • We will always add business value.
  • We will always have a workforce where talent is the only discriminator.
  • We will remain committed to professional development of employees.
  • We will be leaders in advancing accessible technology solutions.
  • We will never, ever tolerate pity and we will work to eliminate it.
  • We will remember that one of our greatest strengths is our unity.
  • We will always give back to the community.
  • We will work to empower young people with disabilities to become self-advocates.

Our Values

Employment Resources is represented by a specific set of values that empowers people to live productive and meaningful lives.

Visionary Leadership - We are dedicated and loyal to our customers, and we work together as partners which drives our services.
Valuing Our Employees and Partners - Our trained staff goes the extra mile in serving our individuals and our customers because we provide a positive work environment with clear expectations and feedback.
Integrity - We will never, ever compromise integrity. We will always conduct our business activities in an ethical manner.
Professionalism - We believe that as professionals, we should act as professionals at all times.
Initiative - We take the initiative to get things done.
Gratitude - We are grateful to our individuals we serve, our staff and our community partners and try to show our gratitude in many ways.
Performance - We believe in exceeding customer expectations. We do not accept mediocrity. We focus on results and creating value.
Quality - We take our quality seriously. We keep our processes as simple as possible while providing the outcomes that stakeholders expect.
Accountability - We take responsibility for our actions and results. We manage by data and facts.
Respect - The individuals we serve and our customers are treated with respect at all times. Each person has value.
Teamwork – Great things can be accomplished with teamwork.
Customized and Systems Perspective - Each person is a unique individual. All of our services are customized to meet the unique needs and desires of each person. Internal systems are constantly improved.
Public Responsibility and Citizenship - It is our responsibility to the public to be a good steward of the funds we receive. We exercise our rights as citizens of the United States and advocate for the rights of others.

About Brian Waddell, Founder

Brian Waddell is the founder and Executive Director of Employment Resources, Inc., a firm that recruits and hires people with disabilities for the public and private sectors. Employment Resources partners with corporations, state and federal agencies in order to assist them with achieving their diversity and workforce inclusion initiatives.


Brian began his career in 1979 as a Life Skills Instructor (direct care staff) of a residential and vocational agency in a small rural community in Nebraska. When in Nebraska, he developed one of the first supported employment programs in the United States in the early 1980’s.

Brian became the director of a large employment service agency in Louisiana followed by a position as a consultant in the lawsuit resulting in the closure of Hissom Memorial Center and the development of community services for individuals with developmental disabilities in Oklahoma.

His passion for serving individuals in their home community grew as a result of these experiences and he has become a strong advocate for individuals with disabilities. He believed employment for individuals with disabilities should be in real jobs in real businesses. Brian believed that an employment service agency was the solution.

In 1988, Brian founded Employment Resources, Inc. specializing in community employment services and supports for individuals with disabilities. Employment Resources was the first stand-alone non-facility based employment services agency in the state of Oklahoma. The company has grown and now also provides residential and community supports to individuals with disabilities and their families in their homes.

Awards and Honors – Corporate

  • Partnership Award (1996) - Awarded by the Tulsa Chapter of the American Red Cross
  • Commitment to Excellence Award (2002) - Given by the Oklahoma Association for Persons in Supported Employment
  • Corporate Service Award (2009 - 2011) - Awarded by the Oklahoma Association of the Deaf
  • Supported Employment Agency of the Year (2004) - Awarded by the Oklahoma Association for Persons in Supported Employment
  • Advocate – Private Service Provider of the Year (1993) - Awarded by the Tulsa ARC