Residential Supports Services / Supported Living

Employment Resources provides supports to adults and children with disabilities in their natural home that are designed to meet individual and family goals. Personal living, safety and socialization skills are developed with the goal of increased independence.

Staff, Habilitation Training Specialist’s (HTS), is trained to meet the state’s training requirements. Staff is matched with individuals (and families) to work toward meeting the persons’ outcomes in their customized individual plan.

If not already living in the community, staff will assist the individual with locating affordable housing in the community of their choice, insuring that the individual has safe and secure housing. Staff will also assist the individual in housekeeping, budgeting, banking, laundry, meal preparation, grocery shopping and other skills needed to successfully live in the community. The Residential Supports/Supported Living program also encourages and assists individuals in becoming active members of their communities. Staff provides support assistance and oversight to insure that individuals receive routine medical, psychiatric and dental examinations and follow-up care, as needed. Assistance is also provided to individuals in many other areas of their everyday lives.

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Vocational and Pre-Vocational Services

Vocational and pre-vocational services include job placement, job training and short-term or long-term supports to assist service recipients in achieving and maintaining employment within the community. Our employment services are customized to meet the goals and service needs of the service recipient.

Employment services are delivered in integrated settings in the community where individuals come in contact with people. Individuals learn social skills and learn to participate in community activities and build friendships.

ERI develops each job site with the individual in mind. Some volunteer their services at a local nonprofit organization to gain or improve their skills that will improve paid employment opportunities for them in the future.

Others are placed in jobs that pay at least minimum wage and are provided a job coach to assist them with learning the job and to help them retain the job.

Each job is developed after gaining an understanding of the individual’s employment goals, strengths and interests. We don’t put people into jobs where there is an opening just to fill an open position.

ERI staff matches each person to each job to find the best possible fit with what the employer needs and with the individual worker.

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